Our measurement philosophy

Through our two-axis measuring procedure, the complete movement range conforms automatically the usable measuring range. Therefore the contour and roughness even of complex parts can be measured simultaneously with high precision. During the process the tracing arm stays horizontal at all the times. That way we measure as you manufacture! The fully automated measuring and analysis is topped by the CNC mode.

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The rotary-swiveling table RSY 240-25

Why complicated? Things can be so easy: Our 4 in 1 measuring station with integrated rotary-swiveling table.

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Vergleich Drehpunktmaschine

Ein Vergleich zwischen herkömmlichen Drehpunkt-Messmaschinen und unserem zweiachsigen Messkonzept. Dadurch entspricht der Messbereich dem kompletten Verfahrbereich!

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The impact of different stylus tip geometries

A comparison of optacom standard stylus tip with a ceramic stylus tip with flattened tip geometry. The measurement error, which originates from a not correctly aligned workpiece to the stylus tip, is analyzed in particular.

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Vergleich von Tastspitzen an einer Spindel

Ein Vergleich von Tastspitzen beim Messen von Spindeln. Die Wahl des falschen Typs kann die Messung um bis zu 20% verfälschen!

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