Are you looking for a universal measuring station that not only replaces your contour, roughness and roundness, but also gear measuring machine?

Then you will definitely like our optacom VC-10-UL-RDY. Consisting of 6 measuring axes it does contour measurements automatically or in combination with an integrated swivel table, which is placed on an installed rotary axis. This leads to the fact that even complicated measuring tasks of complex formed objects become very easy. At the stylus tip it reaches a true, not only simply calculated resolution of less than 3 nm, and can do this over the entire measuring range.

Technical data

Resolution in X and Z axis 0.002 μm
Resolution at stylus tip 0.003 μm
Measuring range vertical (Z axis) and horizontal (X axis) 425 mm
Measuring range horizontal (Y axis) 530 mm 
Measurement system optical, incremental and contactless (X, Z, T, R, D, Y)
Accuracy / Straightness +/- (0.5 + L/100) μm / +/- (0.5 + L/100) μm
Maximum measuring force 10 – 150 mN
Measuring speed 0,1 – 2 mm/sec (optimized automatically)
Rotation angle (D axis) 210°
Measurable gradients 78° upwards; 87° downwards
Dimensions (W x D x H) 1065 x 1060 x 980 mm
Weight 275 kg
Maximum through-loading diameter 70 mm


  • The most powerful all-round system for the entire variety of contour measuring tasks
  • Contour and roughness in one measurement with the integrated roughness module
  • Roundness measurements and gear measurements with the integrated rotary table
  • Y-table with 530 mm traveling distance 
  • Rotary axis with a rotation angle of 210°
  • High-precision linear axis with an integrated drive 
  • Contact-free, linear incremental measuring systems, absolutely wear free
  • Various chucks available
  • Machine calibration (including stylus tips calibration) in less than 3 minutes
  • Body made out of high-strength aircraft aluminium

Scope of delivery

  • Measuring machine optacom VC-10-UL-RDY
  • Industrial PC
  • monitor
  • Mouse and keyboard
  • Windows operating system
  • Optacom Suite 2 complete software
  • Calibration standard with certificate (for machine calibration purposes)
  • Two quick-release fasteners and two stylus tips
XKCD 386

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