uebersicht lc-10


Simply affordable - the perfect introduction to contour measurement technology

The optacom LC-10 represents the perfect entry model. Especially in cases where the entire scope of service of a modern universal measuring machine is needed, the optacom LC-10 is – compared to the high precision of a VC-10 – the most suitable product.
It covers the measuring range and features the technical refinements of our all-round machine VC-10, thus provides an outstanding measuring accuracy. Therefore, the LC-10 combines in a single housing a perfect measurement quality and an attractive price.
The LC-10 is a real optacom measuring machine in every detail. It uses a high-precision linear axis with an integrated drive and wear-free, linear incremental system.
Its body is made of high-strength aircraft aluminium. The operation and the software modules used are identical to those found in other optacom measuring machines.

However, the LC-10 cannot be extended to a universal measuring machine with the optional rotary-swivel table.

Technical data

Resolution in X and Z axis: 0,02 μm
Resolution at stylus tip: 0,03 μm
Measuring range vertical (Z axis): 225 mm
Measuring range horizontal (X axis): 225 mm
Measurement system: optical incremental and contactless in all axis (X, Z, T)
Accuracy: +/- (1,5 + L/100)μm
Maximum measuring force: 10 – 150 mN
Measuring speed: 0,1 – 2 mm/sek (automatisch optimiert)
Radius of the stylus tip: 0,002 – 1 mm
Measurable gradients: 78° upwards; 87° downwards
Dimensions (W x D x H): 950 x 490 x 760 mm
Weight: 150 kg


  • The entry-level system for the entire variety of contour measuring tasks
  • Contour and roughness in one single measurement with the optional roughness module
  • Very good resolution of 30 nm directly at the stylus tip
  • Y-table optional
  • Body made of high-strength aircraft aluminium
  • Axis guide and head integrally made from one workpiece
  • X axis permanently and absolutely backlash free connected to the Z axis
  • Contactless and absolutely wear-free linear-incremental measuring system
  • Machine calibration (including stylus tip calibration) in less than 3 minutes
  • Quick stylus tip replacement with optacom quick-release fastener. No tools required and no accuracy loss
  • High-precision linear axes with integrated drive

Scope of delivery

  • Measuring machine optacom LC-10
  • industrial PC
  • minimum 19“ TFT-Monitor
  • mouse and keyboard
  • Windows-Software
  • optacom contour software module
  • one quick-release fastener
  • calibration standard with certificate (for machine calibration purposes)
  • one stylus tip 33 mm