Rauheit in Bestform

Roughness in its best shape

  • Significant time savings
  • Contour and roughness evaluations in a single measurement run
  • No incorrect evaluations because of cut-off and filtering automatic
  • Due to profiles, technical knowledge is not needed
  • Several different standards on an single evaluation profile
  • Significant cost savings through the use of carbide
  • stylus tips instead of usual diamond stylus tips
  • Roughness evaluation on lines, radii and on inclined surfaces; also on top down and roundness measurements
  • Graphical and numerical representation of all reports
  • Fully automatic calibration of carbide and diamond stylus tips
  • Overhead evaluation of roughness
  • Factory calibration of roughness makes on-site calibration unnecessary
  • Roughness automatic facilitates DIN-compliant evaluations
  • Roughness evaluation is automatically integrated in reference run