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Measure threads with our thread equipment

Are you looking for convenient measurement equipment for smooth and threaded ring gauges from M2.5 to M120?

An integrated quick-exchange system and three receptacle plates allow adaptation to diff erent diameters in no time. As the exchange precision amounts to less than 0.01 mm, selection of a diff erent diameter does not involve supplementary procedures for orientation and calibration.

It is sufficient to mount the required receptacle plate, to clamp the ring gauge and to start the program. The entire measuring sequence is performed by the optacom software automatically, together with a particular program and the integrated motorized Y table.

The zero point quick exchange system is released by air pressure of 6 bar within 0.1 s. Tension is generated by simple pressingin. Tension force amounts to 5,000, retention force to 10,000 N.

Technical data

Resolution of the swivel axis (S): 0.00004°
Resolution of the Y axis (Y): 0.002 µm
Measurement system: optical, incremental and contactless (S, Y)
Measuring range (Y): 25 mm
Clamping options: 4

Scope of delivery

  • Quick Exchange Basis with or without zero-point clamping
  • Threaded Receptacle plate M2.5-M15
  • Threaded Receptacle plate M6-M50
  • Threaded Receptacle plate M52-M120
  • Holding down clamp option 1
  • Threaded T nuts

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