Our notion of precision

You might have thought that the term 'measurement precision' was clearly defined. In the world of contour measurement, however, ideas of what constitutes precision differ widely. We here at opticom take the term very seriously. When we say 'precision', we are referring to the actual measuring accuracy of our systems directly at the tip of the probe needle - and not of a resolution achieved by subsequent computations.

We have a good reason for doing things this way. Everybody knows that an inaccurate measurement will not become more accurate simply by giving it an extra decimal place. As simple as it sounds, the only way to get more accuracy is to measure with greater precision.

At the probe tip, optacom measurement systems achieve a resolution of less than 3 nm for the whole measuring range. This degree of precision is due to the numerous clever design features and high-quality attributes of our systems:

optacom manufactures the axis guides of one piece, integrated. The X axis is permanently fixed and connected to the Z axis with zero backlash. Result: Excellent mechanical accuracy and rigidity.

Only high-precision linear axes with integrated drive are used as master systems. Result: You can use the whole traversing range of the two axes with the same high level of precision.

Our measurement systems are embedded into a chassis of highly durable top grade aluminum. Result: Ultra-precise, reproducible results.

We use contactless, linear measurement systems in all axes. Result: Fully wear-free systems for constant high-accuracy readings.

Before delivery, every single optacom system is calibrated by laser to a system precision of 1 nm. Thus, recalibration on your premises at a later time will be no problem.

All this means: Top level precision. From the start. For years to come.

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