Top speed

With optacom systems, your measurements will not only be more precise but also quicker.

This starts at calibration. The entire calibration process --including the calibration of the probe tip --takes less than three minutes. Just position the calibration setting block under the probe needle and click "Start" on the computer screen. That's it.

Or consider the probe tip change. Traditionally, you had to dismount the probe arm with special tools, followed by readjustment and recalibration of the whole system - but with optacom, you just exchange the probe tip by means of the optacom quick-release fastener. Without any tools. Without any loss of precision.

And don't forget the actual measuring process. optacom measurement systems scan a tool automatically. No need for lengthy probing and guidance by hand. Just press a button to start the measurement. The dynamic measuring speed of optacom systems speeds up the process as well: Straight lines are swept faster than irregular contours that are scanned more slowly to achieve perfect measuring results.

Thus, optacom measurement technology presents the ideal mixture of precision and speed. And we have not yet mentioned the evaluation software that is a greathelp in getting precise results at top speed.

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