optacom contour: die Funktionsübersicht

optacom contour: functional overview

  • Semi-automatic search of all elements with a single mouse-click
  • Manual or automatic element adjustment and optimization
  • Evaluation of radii, distances and angles
  • Creation of intersection points between any elements
  • Regression lines or regression circles
  • Regression adjustment with specified Gaussian or Chebyshev circles
  • Multi-part regression lines or regression circles
  • Fitting of test balls with a given radius and a definable direction angle
  • Auxiliary lines: Parallel, perpendicular, straight lines with definable angle and distance
  • Auxiliary circles: Through several points at intersections with given diameter
  • Auxiliary points: Coordinate points, contour points, contour intersections, etc.
  • Finding the highest / lowest point of contours and elements with respect to a reference
  • Numeric and graphical determination of form deviations on lines and circles
  • Numerical and graphical straightness and profile depth of lines
  • Circular opening angle for regression circles
  • Ordinate guideline for regression circle and regression line
  • Automatic dimensioning with tolerance assessment for repeat measurements
  • Zoom from 1:1 to 5000:1 for the evaluation, independent from printing
  • Comments and texts
  • Export function to Q-DAS
  • Export function to Excel
  • Newly developed printing functions with various output options
  • Multi-contour printout supports multiple contours on a sheet
  • Flexible representation of your company data, company logo, part numbers, etc.
  • Segmented measurements in the entire measuring range without loss of reference
  • Stylus tips compensation for all stylus directions
  • Fully automatic calibration of stylus tips
  • Newly developed tools for evaluating ball screws
  • DXF import and sheet comparison
  • Reference part database Q-DAS compatible
  • All reports can display the reference system
  • Extensive element list displays all element details
  • Part comparison can also be done with modified measurement conditions or lengths
  • Simple red-green evaluation with tolerances

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