Die Oben-Unten-Auswertung mit Rauheit - Auch bei der Rauheitsauswertung läuft`s glatt

Top-down evaluation with roughness - Roughness easy as pie with optacom rough

With our newly developed software algorithms, inexperienced operators are capable to create DIN ISO-compliant measurements for the first time. Our intelligent algorithms analyse the contour underlying and automatically calculate the proper cut-off and the compliant cut-off counts. Just another priceless advantage is the permanent horizontal position of our tracing arm, which allows roughness measurements on all elements without restrictions to the stylus movement. You may find various examples of falling and rising contours and radii in the example above. Needless to say, unrestricted overhead roughness evaluations are also supported.

</>Furthermore, the roughness evaluation is completely integrated in the reference run. A further advantage is the possibility of performing different evaluations on one and the same line or radius. In that respect, the ball evaluation above provides an interesting example.

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